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Kai Nicolai Priddy

Kai Nicolai Priddy is the only son of Robert Priddy (a former devotee of the Indian Guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba). Kai Priddy's involvement with Sathya Sai Baba is unknown, but it appears that he was directly involved in the Sai Movement when Robert Priddy was a Sai Devotee (as reference to Kai was made a couple of times in his father's Pro-Sai book, Source Of The Dream).


Norweigan Band - Vampire State Building:


Vampire State Building


Kai Priddy was a guitar player for "Vampire State Building", an industrial band from Norway. The band was known for their wildly eccentric live performances that included theatrics involving transvestites, dildos, knives, rubber fetish outfits and strange and comical costumes (Reference). Video graphics, ballet dancers and avant-garde antics also helped attract vast amounts of publicity from tabloids, which cast valid scepticism on their muscial abilities.


The band played in Scandinavia and Germany in the '90s, including a show at the 1994 Roskilde Festival. In their home country Vampire State Building was said to attract big crowds, but the popularity didn't produce the record sales one might have expected. Just as the band was about to make it to the big stage, they pushed the self-destruct button and sacked front-man and main songwriter Stig Jakobsen.


The band was only active a few years and unofficially disbanded in 1995 after working on their second album, which was to be released in 1997. Vampire State Building originally consisted of Stig Jakobsen, Erik Ljunggren, Kai Nicolai Priddy, Jim Ivan Bergsten, Aksel Hagen Tjora, Stine Varvin, and Carl Braathen (Reference).


Kai Priddy - Miscellaneous:

Kai Nicolai Priddy also worked at the National Theatre in Oslo. In the late '90s he acted in two short films made by Tumble Wine Films and played bass and guitar on Kari Rueslatten's 1997 Spindelsinn album (Reference).


Astrologer Kai Priddy:

Kai Priddy is also the webmaster for the website abacusastrology.co.uk, which provides various astrological scripts that produce astrology birth-charts. The website solicits donations from the general public.


What is amusing about Kai's interest in Astrology is that his own father (Robert Priddy) bashes and trashes people who believe in Astrology and other type of superstitious, New-Age and non-scientific beliefs as being believed by naive, gullible and “backwardly intellectually” “ignorant peasants”. Needless to say, Kai's father believed in (for many years):


“Elves, fairies, leprechauns, gnomes, trolls, water spirits, animal and plant spirits or ‘devas’, angels, invisible helpers, shaman ’spirits’, ‘allies’, UFOs, extra-terrestrials, possessive demons, Satan, Pan-figures and other demi-gods” (Refs: 01 - 02).