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Copyright Information

How you CAN and how you CANNOT use these images.

Many of the pictures and images on this site are prevalent on the internet. However, all pictures and images on this site were artistically altered, enhanced and sized by me, so if you would like to use the pictures or images on this site, please observe the following terms and conditions:

1) You are allowed to copy and save these images to your computer for your own personal viewing pleasure.

2) You are allowed to share these pictures and images through e-mail correspondence provided that you supply a link to so that the receiver of the image(s) can view these terms.

3) You are allowed to use these pictures and images on your own non-commerical website(s) provided that you either: (A) Link the image back to my website; or (B) Provide a link back to my website on the same page where the image is placed.

4) You are allowed to use these pictures and images for educational purposes and presentations.

5) You are NOT allowed to use these pictures and images for printing on T-shirts or clothing. Doing so, may violate copyright laws and subject you to penalties.

6) You are NOT allowed to use ANY pictures, images or wallpapers, from this site, for ANY kind of financial gain or business ventures. Any use of these pictures, images or wallpapers for professional or financial gain, may subject you to penalties under copyright laws. The images on this website are provided FREE of charge and are intended for personal use only. All images on this website, including the wallpapers, are protected by international copyright laws.

7) You are NOT allowed to hotlink to ANY files on this server. Hotlinking is illegal and is theft of bandwidth property that is paid for by the webmaster. Hotlinking is when an image file link is used on a personal or chat site that is downloaded from a sites server. Please save the images to your computer and link to them that way. This site is hotlink protected.

You may NOT put any sort of logo, website banner, watermark or advertising on ANY picture, image or wallpaper on this site. If you are caught and if you fail to comply with this agreement, your website will be reported and your website may be restricted by your Hosting Company until you comply.

Thank you to those of you reporting breaches of this agreement to me. Your help is greatly appreciated!

If one of your pictures is on this site, and has been copyrighted, and you would like to remove it, please contact me at:

As you can see, the terms are really quite simple. This site provides you with high quality, Spiritual pictures, images and wallpapers for your own personal use, websites and enjoyment. You can use all images for non-commerical purposes as long as you don't alter the images with ads, words or banners and provide a link back to this site. That's it! Enjoy and Peace to you!